Prepare Water

Please use only declorinated and aged water for your fish.  We recommend you to use 2 to 3 times the dosage as directed by the manufacturer of the declorinator.  You need to age your water by adding several airstones to create strong agitation in the water.  The water should be aged for at least 72 hours.  Please do not add any water or use any equipment from your other community tank(s) as it could possibly cause cross contamination.  If you absolutely have to share equipment, please disinfect them thoroughly before using them for your new and existing fish.  Keeping your new fish completely separated from your existing fish is of vital importance.  

Equalizing Water Temperature

Please wash your hands thoroughly before you handle your new fish especially if you have other community tanks at your home.  After your box has arrived, please set it right next to your quarantine tank for one hour.  You can open the box up to check on the fish, but don't open the bags or put the bags in the tank just yet.  After one hour, the water temperature in the bag would come closer to the room temperature.  You can now float the unopened bag(s) in the water of your quarantine tank.  Wait for half an hour, then open the bag and use your hand to feel the temperature inside and outside of the bag.  If the temperatures are close, then you can simply use your hand and reach in the bag to scoop the fish out.  There is not a need to fill the bag with your new water as you would want your fish to be in clean and fresh water only.  Do not use a net as the net could take off excessive amount of slime coat on your fish.  Do not pour the water in the bag into your quarantine tank.  Dump the water in your sink or outside.  

Prepare quarantine tank For The New Fish

Your fish were raised in very static water in large ponds.  Only an airstone was used for water agitation.  They do not like water with lots of current, so we highly recommend you to only use foam filters instead of power filters during their quarantine period.  In the picture is a Poret® Foam filter offered by Swiss Tropicals ( ).  These large volume foam filters perfectly meet the needs of keeping fancies where large biological filtration with minimum current are required.  After the quaratine period, you could use a combination of foam and power filters, or simply keep using foam only becuase fancy goldfish are not meant to live in water with high current.  There is not a need to heat your tank if the ambient tempurature is between 68 to 80 degrees.  If heating your tank, a tempurature setting of no more than 75 degrees should be used. 

Some Sunlight Is Good

Your fish were raised in our greenhouse with very natural sunlight.  We recommend you to put your quarantine tank next to a large window if possible so they could be exposed to some natural lighting.  Sunlight could enhance the health of your fish so even for a permenant home we highly recommend you to find a place with at least several hours of natural sunlight per day for your fish.  If sunlight is excessive, you should provide adquate shade to the tank to minimize drastic temperature swings.

Light Feedings Of Soft Foods

Your fish lived on a mixture of live baby brine shrimp, live daphnia, and soft gel food growing up.  We recommend you to start with very light feedings of bloodworms or brine shrimp (fresh or frozen but not freeze dried).  It is not recommended to give them dry pellets or flakes as these foods could cause constipation or intestinal infections due to much slower digestion.  

Introduce New Fish To Your Community Tank

Your new fish must be quarantined for four weeks.  In these four weeks you could have the opportunity to keep an close eye on them as well as allow them to have ample amount of time to recover from transit.  Fish of different varieties and different sources have different tolerance level.  We ask that you do not mix fish from different sources.  If you decide to mix stock,  you are doing it completely at your own discretion.  We will not be responsible if any of your fish fall ill after mixing with your existing stock.