Here are some pictures of our goldfish farm just out side of Atlanta Georgia

The goldfish farm construction took nearly 6 months to complete.  We dug a half-acre pond and use it to grow live daphnia for the goldfish we raise.  The earth from the pond was moved all the way uphill to the farm site in order to provide a flat pad for the concrete ponds. The pond floor was then poured in one piece and the pond walls formed by plywood then poured in sections.  Once the concrete ponds were finished, we had a plumbing company to take another PVC line from the well to the farm for water supply.  The last but not the least was the greenhouse and shades.  The entire facility is about 6600 sqft with about 50 ponds.  It was not easy to have everything done.  We were a little late in the Spring breeding season, but the facility is certainly beautiful.​​
  1. Inside of the goldfish farm
    The fish ponds
  2. Outside of the goldfish farm
    Our farm just outside of Atlanta GA
  3. Goldfish farm before greenhouse
    Ponds before the greenhouse was added
  4. Goldfish ponds
    One of the fish ponds
  5. Shade for goldfish farm
    Sunshades in the greenhouse
    This element represents the description field.
  6. Goldfish ponds with water
    One of the water faucets
  7. Goldfish farm in the US
    Our farm just outside of Atlanta GA
  8. Goldfish farm in the US
    Our ponds
  9. Goldfish farm in the US
    Our ponds
We Are A Three-being Team
  1. Buy Goldfish online
    This is my wife Amy. She makes everything possible for my business and completes my life.
  2. Goldfish breeder
    Hi everyone, I am Bo. I am the owner of Zhao's Fancies and breeder of all the fish offered in our Online Fancy Shop.
  1. Orlando
    This is Orlando, our dog. Hi everyone, I am Orlando. I am responsible for many activities around the farm and the business. Each morning I either pretend to bark at the pass by turkeys or snore loudly to make sure that Bo wakes up on time to feed the fish. I sit right by the window during the day to monitor Bo's performance and make sure he does not slack off. I always bark when Amy comes home from work to show that I guard the house relentlessly. When both Amy and Bo are at the farm I always tag along to ensure they change the water and scrub the ponds very very well. During dinner time I demand that we all eat the same food by staring them down until them pass the last few bits to me. I know I am not being compensated properly but I love my dad and mom anyway.