Shipping Box

We use insulated box for shipping to ensure that the temperature of the water stays rather constant during transit. Each of our box would fit 1 to 4 fish depending on the size of the fish.

UPS and FedEx are our shipping partners

We use UPS and FedEx overnight shipping service to ensure that your fish spend shortest amount of time possible during their trip from our farm to your door steps. 

$55/Box Flat Rate Priority Overnight Service

We understand that using priority shipping service is of utter importance for your fish.  However, priority shipping could be expensive.  We therefore have worked very hard to negotiate an extremely attractive price for you so that you would be able to spend more money buying beautiful fish instead of on shipping.  Shipping for each box is a flat rate of $55 for overnight services.  Packages will arrive next day between 10:30am and 12noon for all lower 48 states and Alaska.  A few remote locations may not be guaranteed until 4:30pm.

Shipping to Hawaii

Importing your fish to Hawaii is possible with an import permit.  Please visit for more details of obtaining a permit.  Please email your permit to us at  [email protected] , We will attach the permit to the shipping box for importation into Hawaii. Shipment to Hawaii will arrive next day by 5:00pm.  The shipping cost is also $55 per box.

Live Arrival Guarantee

We guarantee 100% live arrival of your fish.  However we will not be able to provide any further guarantee as we have no control over their environment once they arrive at your home.  We will provide you useful information to assist you with the process of caring for your new fish on our acclamation and care page.

In Extremely Rare case of DOA

We understand that unfortunate incidents do happen although extremely rare.  If the worst should happen with your newly arrived fish, please send us a video within three hours of FedEx recorded arrival time.  The video should clearly show the bag unopened with the deceased fish inside of it.  We will review the video and work with you on a refund.  The entire cost of the fish and shipping will be refunded if the video provides sufficient proof of the incident. We will not be able to accept any claims or provide compensation outside of the three hour window.  Please click ​​​​ here  for more details on our sales policy.